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Economics 808 Economics 808: Macroeconomic Theory

Fall 2014, SFU

Lectures: Mondays 14.30-16.20 and Wednesdays 14.30-15.20 in WMC3611

The midterm took place on October 27, 2014. The median score was 35 points out of 100; not a satisfactory result. You can find the exam with suggested answers here.

The final exam took place on December 3, 2014. The median score was 74.5 out of 100; an excellent result if you ignore the high standard deviation, which was 24.3. You can find the exam with suggested answers here.


Lecture notes
Other handouts
Old exams
Lecture notes 1 Assignment 1
Introduction to abstract spaces Final exam from 2012
Lecture notes 2 Assignment 2
Difference equations Final exam from 2013
(with answers)
Lecture notes 3 Assignment 3
Linear algebra for dynamic systems

Lecture notes 4 Assignment 4
Differential and integral calculus
with vectors and matrices

Lecture notes 5 Assignment 5
Notes on probability theory

Lecture notes 6 Assignment 6
Stochastic dynamic optimization

Lecture notes 7
Markov chains

Lecture notes 8

Notes on Walras' law

Lecture notes 9

Welfare theorems

Balanced growth preferences

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